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Journaling - just not as high a priority as it used to be.

Each time I think, no, this is it, I have lost interest in fanfic for good, I fall arse over tit into a new fandom. Person of Interest has my by the you-know-whats at the moment. It's everything I love in a pairing - angsty pasts, stoic, private people who take *FOREVER* to trust one another (and they're grown-ups, not 20 year olds, which was my main problem with Teen Wolf, much as I do like the show), plus, as a bonus, it's an excellently made show, on the whole. The stupidly lovable dog helps, too - all the best fandoms have a team pet :) I don't tend to hang around long in fandoms these days, but this one feels like a keeper. I've read a few nice stories in the fandom, so far my thing for Reese/Finch (I HAVE seen it referred to as "Rinch" *full-body-shudder*) is PG-rated h/c or wedding fic. (Astolat wrote a GREAT wedding fic, the title of which currently escapes me).

I'm watching loads of good stuff right now that I'm not all that fannish for - Scott and Bailey, The Following, Southland, Game of Thrones, and I've been recommended Vikings which I'll try when I get some time. Still trying to catch up on Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, too. Good thing I've had two weeks' holiday in which to do fuckall.

Weather is FINALLY cooling down (god, I hope) so of course the blinds I ordered back in January got installed this morning. Bit late for this summer but they're saying the vile weathwer we had then is here to stay (fuck you, climate change), plus they'll give me some added darkness in the bedroom, which I need badly as it faces east.

I had a little visitor this morning, a microbat that thought my back flyscreen door was a good place to roost. Gorgeous little thing, seemed very sluggish, though. I Googled them and found they go "torpid" around now, and they can be vulnerable to cats, etc, so I rang WIRES. Nobody was available, but they gave me a number for Native Animal Trust, and a nice lady called Sandy came and got it. She very gently unhooked it from the screen, and all of a sudden it came awake. Not in a big way, though, you could sort of tell it wasn't all there, but it was squeaking and chittering and spread its wings out. One was broken at the very tip, (which may account for the bad roosting place) but the lady said it was otherwise fat and healthy looking, and all it probably needed was a safe place to spend the winter. She told me to keep her number as this is a good area for them - trees, lots of lights at night to attract insects, etc. I got a few piccies, but I didn't want to disturb it too badly. I've never posted a pic to DW before, hope this works.

Edit: Nope. Here, have an old fashioned link :)
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