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I have a Harry Potter t-shirt that has a picture of Harry alongside an excerpt of Mr Ollivander's dialogue; "...holly and phoenix feather, eleven inches...". Lucy just misread it as "Holy phoenix feathers", which immediately sounded to both of us like something Robin would say; "Holy phoenix feathers, Batman!!" (snerk) Surely this could be worked into a crossover...
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The Paul Kidd book, A Whisper of Wings, I won on eBay arrived today. Fabulous condition, bigger than I expected, gorgeous cover and interior artwork by Terrie Smith. If it's anything like as good as his other one (The Rats of Acomar) I'm in for a treat. Woo!

Now, to revise for UCCP exam this afternoon. Hah!
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Am in the middle of trying to wrangle some virus updates that *I've paid for* out of Symantec.

And I'm not really having caramel sponge cake for breakfast. Carry on.
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Considering the RPS climate right now, this one's Friends Only - I suspect this is gonna be something I play with for a while and drop anyway. This sort of thing is fun to speculate but I'd feel very funny about actually writing RPF about anyone, especially ol' Nick ;-) It would just feel wrong.

But if I wanted to...

1- "The Weeping Song" video clip. Cuddly much? Aside, Nick and Blixa are both looking fucking good in that vid ;-)
2- Nick's comments re said clip. "I like the dancing in that one. I think we look like two old, gay businessmen at a disco".
3- Nick's comments on his and Blixa's early friendship "We moved to Berlin together and were very good friends...very good friends. We spent a lot of time together...waging the war against sleep, as Blixa would put it. We didn't go to sleep much, basically". Later on: "The time in Berlin changed my life, taught me not to care what other people thought of me". Hm. Might be talking about the drugs. Might not be.
4- "Stagger Lee" lyrics. "Furthermore I'll fuck Billy Dilly in his motherfuckin' ass...I'll crawl across fifty good pussies just to get to one fat boy's asshole" (I never said he was couth!)
5- "Stagger Lee" videoclip, complete with two glorious male dancers and vague homoerotic behaviour from a few of the band members, mainly Thomas and Mick. And who knew Nicky could wiggle like that? One of the most homoerotic video clips I've ever seen. And fuck! Mick is built!!
6- Blixa's eye makeup. He looks like a pixie sometimes. Nice when juxtaposed with that *deeeep* voice. Adorable ;-)
7- Nick's going drag every once in a while, and his laconic description of the experience shooting the "Do You Love Me" video in Sao Paulo. "I had only about ten minutes to get myself looking good, which I didn't really succeed in doing. The transvestites were all highly offended and called me an 'ugly bitch'. That's why I'm sulking".
8- Blixa singing Kylie's part in the duet when Kylie's not available.
9- "Cocks and Asses"
10- "The Garden Duet" lyrics, and the fact Nick sings both parts. It does things for me, hearing that voice sing: "I'd open my legs for him..."
11- "Henry" lyrics.
12- That pic of Nick and Thomas Wydler.
13- That pic of Nick and, oh damn, that bloke who was in the Birthday Party. Name's curently escaping me.
14- That pic of Nick and Blixa I have as my LJ pic.
15- That pic of Nick and Blixa full-on *kissing* (thanks Nige!!)
This is damned difficult to articulate. One of the cool things about LJ is being able to worry at these things til they make sense. I'll see if I can hammer this out in my head. I actually see N as a het boy, and *like* it that way and sort of see the slashiness as something that rounds his character. Nothing cooler than a straight guy who's cooler than cool with the gay thing, and I kind of get this impression. Could be utterly wrong. The songs about dysfunctional sexuality and dysfunctional relationships, child abuse, rape, murder, substance abuse - I get a picture of a pretty hectic personal life, not, of course, knowing which, if any, elements of the songs are autobiographical and which aren't.
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"And...if I do stay a dog, what then?" grumbled Ray. "I mean, the fur coat and the ear rubs are great but I don't you know, think I can handle this for ever". He flopped down, putting his head on his forepaws, and sighed through his now long, grey muzzle.
Dief stared at him, a damn sight more incredulously that Ray really thought he'd a right to. Then he licked Ray's ear, whuffed once, and took off.
"Thanks buddy", snorted Ray under his doggy breath. "Knew I could count on you."
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Oh-kay. The 'rents have decided to return home TOMORROW, which now means that the time I was going to spend revising for my Tafe exam and cleaning up the house is gonna be halved. Fuck fuck fuck. I'm probably overreacting, the exam will be a pisser like the others have and the house *really* isn't that bad.

And I just had to pry a dead possum off the stoopid dawg. My life's been better ;-/
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Converting Janet to the Cult of Cave. Not bad - she's and I don't exactly share moozical tastes!

And I helped Bernice with a nonclemature problem. "Robe lifter" (snort)

Hm. Anyone reading this would think I was having mood swings.
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OK....feeling MUCH more chipper now. A shower, a Coke and a manic dance to The Birthday Party (cranked) can do wonders for the constitution.
Incidentally - the topic there is a quote; so the FBI needn't get involved ;-p


Mar. 24th, 2002 01:35 pm
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I just can't bring myself to do *anything*. This kind of worries me - I have an open book exam for Tech tomorrow which I should at least *perfunctorily* study for, even though I'm whipping the arses of most of the class. I can't even be bothered putting a video on, I know I just won't watch it. I'm way too blah to write anything actually interesting. What happened to little miss productivity? Guess she burned out...gonna go do some ironing or something. 'Rents are coming home Tuesday, should probably get the house straightened out. Fuck, where does this listlessness come from? I *hate* feeling like this. I *hate* feeling like I'm wasting my time.

Gawd, what a whinger. Someone slap me.


Mar. 24th, 2002 11:36 am
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Now I have bruises on my other leg to match the just-about-faded ones from the concert...teach ME to try climbing the fence instead of just getting the damn key.
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Being a fan of animation I had to check this one out. I certainly didn't enjoy it like I did Monsters, Inc but it definitely had its moments - primarily in association with a hyper-caffeinated (or whatever the ice age equivalent) squirrel with one hell of a facial tic - stole the show, imo. The sabre-tooth tiger, Diego, was gorgeously rendered - there were points where I just wanted to plunge my hands into that lovely *fur*!!
It lost BIG points for the sloth (way too much Jar Jar Binks in there) and for the usual Hollywood "message" shit, but I didn't regret the $11.50 for this one. Probably won't see it again, tho.
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Wow. I have just been emailing Angela and she's been telling me a) I was always a good writer (always nice to hear) and b) I used to write Doug Anthony Allstars stories in Graphics class! That would have to have been 1992. Furthermore, she still has a few of them - one of these days I might get to see them - I have only the dimmest recollection of this!!
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I have the pooch in my room. Again. Poor little dude is missing Mum terribly. Why do they only do stupid things like eat two kilos of dry prescription catfood when the 'rents go away?
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OK I'm thinking of shit to put in this thing and I guess I wouldn't be any sort of a Nicky fan if I didn't include Amanda and myself's pilgrimage to Fox Studios to catch Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (her first time, my second) Monday before last (better late than never).

Support act was Iris and they were shit. 'Nuff said. Even worse than the support act last time I saw NC&tBS.

Nick and the boys launched into the act with all the energy, skill and sheer VOLUME I remember from last time. Nick best songs always sound best at top volume. He has such an incredibly strong voice. Unfortunately, I was a little further back from the front-row-dead-in-front-of-Blixa that Angela and I had in 1994...I also felt a little old. There were all these pathetic...SURFERS and their girly-girl girlfriends there who were going nuts for the mellow-out new stuff, and who dared look at us strangely when we hollered along to The Weeping Song and Papa Wont Leave You Henry and Loverman and Do You Love Me...this stuff ain't that old, kids, and it's a fuck of a lot more fun.
These guys are such consummate professionals - they were letting audience members request the songs they wanted to hear, unlike The Cure who I paid good money to see and who proceeded to play their *newest* album. All of it. I know what tours are for but *really*. And Nick called off one number that wasn't coming off right due to the acoustics in the old Hordern.
The man himself: Nick was in fine form; he was looking good and sounding better (GOD, he needs a decent feed, though!) I have been wondering over the past few years if the *showmanship* I recalled from 1994 could have been half-imagined. It wasn't. He gets so far *into* his performance - that energy-bordering-on-mania has receded just the tiniest bit (hey, he's 44!), and only when he was forced to sit at the piano. I've seen the Rolling Stones, U2, other stadium shows, and they can't hold a candle to seven guys, your basic stage set up, and a mid-sized venue.

FOUR encores. Four. The crowd just couldn't get enough.

More if and when I think of it...I'm aware I'm raving ;-)
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Nick and Blixa get cuddlesome. Awwwww.
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Just stuffing around...don't mind me.
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G'day. I hoping having a LiveJournal will encourage me to write. I do a snip here and there occasionally, but never what I consider good enough to post. We'll see. Right now I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and Nick Cave (weird mixture, that) so something might come pouring out...

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