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Birthdate:Aug 23
Website:Lydia's Lounge
I live somewhere coastal between Sydney and Brisbane. That's enough info about that. I work for the government, although not as a man in black. Or even a woman in black. Because Johnny Cash is the man in black and he fuckin rocks, ok?

Fandom...yeah. Fandom is not my LIFE, exactly, but it's definitely my very favourite hobby, has been since as long as I can remember and how I know all my wonderful friends. Right now, the BBC's wonderful Sherlock production is occupying most of my fannish brainspace (and probably most of the rest), alongside the highly entertaining and silly Primeval and the highly enjoyable, sexy and crack Hawaii Five-0 remake. Dresden Files is a favourite too, but it's not exactly a busy fandom. Woe.

Since I hold the philosophy that someone's bookshelves will tell you all you need to know about them, here's mine.

The Animal Rescue Site

The lovely Primeval moodtheme is courtesy of [info]curlytoot.

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