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Because I was unbearably curious, I forked out the 99c for this app. It is basically exactly what I thought it was - something that tosses out random words, claiming to have picked them up from the "energy" (which is a lovely word that "psychics" like to trot out without really explaining) and, much like with those "psychics", believers latch onto the words that have meaning for them and discount the ones that don't. So far, it's given me "first"*, another, official, giving, written, the, frame, listen, butter, very, chamber, Thomas, baseball, term and poverty. Sure, a few of those words apply to me right now - there's a box under the desk, frames on the wall, I've a sandwich with butter on it - not exactly uncommon stuff. But baseball? What's that got to do with me? I'm certainly not poor, although I feel it sometimes! I don't know any significant Thomases.'s a bit creepy. In the same way using a ouija board can be creepy even if you don't believe. Some of these fears are pretty primal.

ETA: The longer it's on, the less creepy it gets. Maybe because there are far fewer relevant words than irrelevant ones. IDK. I feel a bit silly for giving this person my money, but hey. 99c.

ETA: "party". "Billy". "base". Nope.

ETA: "Grass". Come on, that's everywhere. "Barn"? No.

*the ghost of an internet troll, maybe?


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